Important exhibits in NOTOS

Exciting Journeys with Balloons and the narrow-gauge railway at the great feast at Zappeion Exhibition Centre from Friday November 19 until Monday November 22nd.

The visitors will have the chance to see and enjoy for four days at Zappeion (19-22/11) “journeys full of images” in History and Culture through Philately during the European Exhibition NOTOS 2021 as well as hundreds of important exhibits that will be shown for the first time in Greece.

Exhibitors from 35 countries will present their extraordinary exhibits and the visitors will be able to view unique items of high historical and cultural value, such as the Printing Plates of the “Large Hermes Heads” (the First Greek Stamps), invaluable documents from the General State Archives as well as rare collections from the Historical Archive of the National Bank of Greece.

“The Morias Army” the French Expeditionary Corps, that came to the Peloponnese 6 months after the Navarino Naval Battle, is emerging from the correspondence of the protagonists. The importance of transporting letters using balloons during the six-month Paris Siege (1870-1871) by the Prussian troops will be shown in a stunning exhibit. Strolling along the exhibition hall the visitors will come to see many other exhibits related to the “Postal History of Pontus until 1923”, “Moscow Architecture”, the “An Economic History of Jews in Germany 1800 - 1940”, the amazing exhibit “Indelible Evidence - The History of Forensic Medicine” as well as the outstanding photographic documentation of Mount Pilion with its narrow-gauge railway through the lens and the postcard of the important art-photographer Stefanos Stournaras.

The visitors of NOTOS 2021 will get information and entertainment through the intriguing images and narrations of unknown cultural events.

The entrance to the exhibition at Zappeion is free of charge, abiding by all health regulations.

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