Nikos Andriotis

Vice President

Board Member and currently serving as the Deputy President of the Athens Philatelic Society (FEA).

My philately collection focus on Greece and France (stamps and FDC). In addition to the afore-mentioned collections I am about to complete my collection of Lesvos (island of my origin) type V Cancellations. The “Bicycle” is the topic of my Thematic Collection.

My passion, especially at this time of a lower budget for collectibles is available, are the postcards. Since my secondary school time are interested in the postcards of Mytilini and the villages of Lesvos island if every type : B&W, Colour Lithography (1950) and Offset Colour (until 1990).

As a Deputy President of the Athens Philatelic Society (FEA) I have the responsibility of the digital layout of the “The Stamp” (To Grammatosimo) review that is issue for already 10 years (since 2021), as well as the supervision of the review’s graphic design and printing.

Retired Computer Programmer.