Aims of HPF


  • The promotion, dissemination and promotion of the cultural values of philately and the preservation of the cultural heritage of the country through philately.

  • The intellectual, educational and cultural cultivation of both philatelists and the general public, with the transfer and dissemination of historical, intellectual, artistic and other cultural knowledge through the study of stamps and postal history.

  • The dissemination of the collection and study of philatelic objects and their promotion in Greek society and especially in the youth.

  • The research, record, preservation and promotion of postal history exhibits.

  • The promotion of Greek philately in both Greece and abroad.

  • The informing of its members about the philatelic issues that arise from time to time, providing guidelines and coordinating, if necessary, joint action.

  • The representation of its members to the Authorities and Services of the State, the International Philatelic Federation, various other International Philatelic Federations, as well as any other Authority, Organization or Entity, in both Greece and Abroad, for matters related to philately.

  • The formulation of substantiated theses and suggestions, in relation to the current philatelic policy, regarding the issuance of new stamps and other philatelic objects, as well as the use of philatelic postmarks.