Nikos Mallouhos


A philatelist since the age of 10. He is the current President of the Union of Greek Collectors of Maxima Cards. Maxima Cards combine stamps, postcards and postal cancellations. (

At the same time he is actively involved for the past 50 years with Postal History and in particular with the “auxiliary cancellations”. Auxiliary cancellations are found on posted covers that they had a rather “adventurous journey” to a lesser or a greater extent.

He has participated in a number of National and International Exhibitions and he is the Editor of Maximaphilia Revue, having published a number of articles on various philatelic magazines.

He is a member of “The Acropolis Friends Union” and an elected Member of the Audit Commission of the association of “The Friends of Goulandris Natural History Museum”.

A retired Financial Sector Executive, married with two children and a grandson.