One, Two and Three Frames

galinos.photoA. Galinos : (PH) Armée de Morée (One Frame), Helvetia 2022 (FIP), points 92
A. Galinos : (PH) Occupation Hellenique de l’Albanie 1940-1941 (Two Frames), NOTOS2021 (FEPA), points 90
A. Galinos : (PH) La Poste Rurale Hellenique en territoires occupes (Albanie et Empire Ottoman) (One Frame), NOTOS 2021 (FEPA), points 85
galinos6A. Galinos : (PH) Marques manuscrites d’entree aux iles Ionnienes, 1809-1864, (One Frame), NOTOS 2021 (FEPA), points 82
galinos6Ch. Gikas : (PC) BACCHUS : from Legend to Legacy (One Frame), LIBEREC 2022 (FEPA), points72

P. Cangelaris : (TR) The Mafeking Blues 1900, (One Frame), FINLANDIA 2017, points 91
P. Cangelaris : (TR) The Western Thrace Autonomous Government "Muhtariyet" Issue (1913), (One Frame), BALKANFILA 2010, points 84
P. Cangelaris : (TR) The Czech Scout Post 1918, (One Frame), BALKANFILA 2007, points 82
P. Cangelaris : (TR) The Glory Issue of Greece (1945), (One Frame), BALKANFILA 2007, points 79
P. Cangelaris : (TR) Greek Charity Stamps, (One Frame), NOTOS 2021 (FEPA), points 72
M. Koutsounakis : (TR), «The German Imperial Navy on Cretan Blockade 1897-98», (One Frame), Praga 2018 (FIP), points 90
A. Papadopoulos : (AE) Aeropostale 1930 / Air France 1934: The Groundbreaking South Atlantic Flights, (One Frame), AGRINIO 2022, points 95

Α. Papadopoulos : (AE) Commercial Zeppelin Letter Mail to from South America in 1936, (One Frame), HELVETIA 2022 (FIP), points 90
A. Paschos : (PH) Ottoman Railways of Macedonia 1873-1912 (One Frame), BRNO 2005 (FEPA), points 84
A. Paschos : (OC) International Fair of Trade and Commerce of Thessaloniki (Three Frames), HERMES 2017 (HPF), Large Silver, points 70
A. Paschos : (PC) Thessaloniki through the clichés of the French Publisher Rollet (Three Frames), 7th CART-HELLAS
A. Paschos : (PC) The Army of the East on the Macedonian War Front (Three Frames), 7th CART-HELLAS 2005
salonidis.photoTh. Salonidis: (TR) The 1876-1877 Athenian 30l LHH Athens stamps, ΝΟΤΟS 2021 (FEPA), points 80
M. Tsipidis : (PH) Italian Occupation of the Aegean Islands May 1941-November 1943 (One Frame), LAVRIO 2009 (HPF), points 88
halvaditzopoulos2.photoI. Chalvatzidopoulos : (TH) Goalkeeper (One Frame), HERMES 2017 (HPF), points 70