Balkanfila XX

Welcome to BALKANFILA XX in Thessaloniki

Dear Visitors,

Thessaloniki welcomes you to visit Balkanfila XX from 13-16 November 2024 and enjoy the multi-faced cultural and social events that this cosmopolitan city has to offer in a relaxed and friendly way.


Regulations IREX(EN) Κανονισμός IREX (GR)
Entry Form (EN) Entry Form (GR)
Literature Suppl. Form (EN) Literature Suppl. Form (GR)


Please write us your questions at [email protected] .

Here you can find the list of collaborating hotels, offering special prices for Balkanfila XX visitors !

The Exhibition At A Glance


Below you can see the venue of the exhibition which is Pavilion 6 inside the International Fair of Thessaloniki, as well as the collaborating hotels.